What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing explained

Everyone’s talking about Cloud Computing. Although it started out as a metaphor for the internet, the “Cloud“ has since been re-defined and everyone seems to have a different definition of what it is.

At Cloud People we like to think of cloud computing as a technology set that delivers a broad range of IT services over the internet. Instead of having to purchase, install and manage your own IT infrastructure locally, these services are provided over the internet. This is very different from a traditional on-premise IT model and represents a paradigm shift in the way IT services are consumed and managed. These IT services can range from email and simple web-based applications, to completely hosted private cloud data centres.

Cloud computing utilises remote servers housed in secure data centres. By not locating servers on-premise, businesses can leverage cloud computing to obtain equivalent services via the internet from cloud hosting providers.

Cloud Hosting Characteristics

  • Scalability & Elasticity

    Cloud services can scale up or down to meet the changing needs of businesses

  • Self service

    Customers have the ability to easily add IT services themselves through web-based portals

  • Self-healing

    Individual infrastructure components are duplicated and failover between each other to maintain service

  • Utility style billing

    Customers are charged by the hour, day or month for exactly what they use

  • Shared infrastructure

    The underlying computing infrastructure serves the needs of multiple customers

  • Web-based access

    Cloud services are delivered over the internet

  • Cloud Building Blocks

    Software-as-a-Service SaaS

    Software as a Service

    SaaS delivers software applications through a web browser using multi-tenant architecture. This means that applications share a common infrastructure that is accessed via the internet. For users, it means that there is no upfront investment in servers or software licensing.

    Key players in the SaaS market are Salesforce.com and Google Apps. Online email services such as Gmail and Yahoo mail are considered SaaS.

    Platform-as-a-service PaaS

    Platform as a Service

    PaaS provides a platform for developers to create and upload code that is presented on the web. The backend systems are generally supported and maintained by the cloud provider. Good examples of this include third party applications on Facebook, Google App Engine and Force.com.

    Infrastructure-as-a-Service IaaS

    Infrastructure as a Service

    IaaS delivers computing infrastructure components as an outsourced service. Rather than purchasing servers, networking equipment, software or data centre space, customers instead pay for those resources as a fully outsourced service on a subscription basis. Some of the companies that provide IaaS are Cloud People, Google, and Amazon.

    Green Cloud Hosting

    We plant a tree for every new customer. We have partnered with Carbon Neutral to assist us offset our carbon footprint by planting a tree for every new customer.

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