Why move?

What benefits should my business expect?

The benefits of moving part or all of your IT infrastructure to the cloud can be broadly categorised into three areas. While cost saving is a primary driver for a large number of our customers, the benefits you can expect in terms of the flexibility offered by cloud services often outweigh financial benefits. These days, the environments that most businesses operate in change rapidly. A key measure of business success is the ability to react to these changes. Cloud computing also facilitates this.

Save on costs

Investment in IT infrastructure can be expensive
Cloud Hosting cost saving

Reduce capital expenditure

Businesses that use an on-premise model for their IT infrastructure requirements base it on peak usage. The implementation of enterprise class infrastructure can cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Cloud computing resources are completely elastic. This allows businesses to finely tune their capacity to meet changing business needs. Reducing capital expenditure means you’ll have more working capital available for other business operations.

Cloud Hosting reduce administration costs

Reduce administration costs

By moving IT infrastructure components to the cloud, businesses can virtually eliminate in-house IT administration costs. Round-the-clock support is provided, and all maintenance, patching and upgrading is automatically taken care of for you. Cloud computing simplifies IT management so that you can spend time focusing on your core business.

Get there faster

Significantly reduce your time to market
Cloud Hosting fast deployment

Speed of deployment

Without the need to purchase expensive hardware, software or consultancy services to implement a new IT infrastructure, cloud computing customers can be operational in minutes. All good cloud computing providers should provide a web-based self-provisioning control panel to quickly deploy new services.

Cloud Hosting level playing field

Level the playing field

Cloud computing has made it possible for smaller companies to compete on an even playing field. By implementing a cloud based infrastructure model, small to medium-sized businesses can take advantage of technologies previously only available to their larger competitors.


Don't be held back by fixed computing capabilities
Cloud Hosting cost saving


IT departments are created to service the peak usage needs of a business, however for most businesses, their IT needs are dynamic and change over time. For example, seasonal demand for a service or business growth can greatly affect a company’s IT requirements. Cloud computing allows the fluid scaling of resources to your current business needs. Self-service capabilities allow business administrators to instantly scale up or down rapidly, so that you never have to over provision again.

Cloud Hosting with no long term commitments

No long-term contracts

Most cloud computing providers do not required customers to sign long-term contracts. Customers simply pay month by month for exactly what they use.

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